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The BureaucratStories about necromancers

Posted by necromancer Thu, March 30, 2017 20:44:24

Blog imageThe streets of Port Black Mouth were empty and quiet. No one resisted any longer. The necromancer, whom everybody knew as “The Bureaucrat” had silenced both the mayor, the city council and the feeble rebellion and taken control of the city. Unlike most other necromancers, he had infiltrated the city with his silver-tongued speeches and promises of protection and wealth. Lies. He had planned every little thing ahead – bribery for the weak city council members, poison for the hardy and dark magic for any unforeseen challenges. There was hardly any battle. The city guard ran away in fear at the mere sight of the charging hell knights. It was almost too easy.

“Get rid of the mayor, Doctor,” The Bureaucrat glanced at his apprentice. “Of course, master,” the doctor replied, “would you like me to spoil the corpse in any particular way?” The doctor made some gestures with his long fingers, suggesting different options. “yes, I don´t need the body; distillation is fine.” The doctor hurried out of the room.

He didn´t show it to anybody, but The Bureaucrat was exhausted after several months of plotting and scheming. He had weakened the city guard and the city council with his dark magic at the cost of his own strength. He could barely hold the pen as he wrote a new constitution for the city:

“From this day on “The Bureaucrat” rules Port Black Mouth. No one has the authority to question his will. Usurpers will be hung.”

The Bureaucrat

Undead MinionsRaising the dead

Posted by necromancer Tue, March 28, 2017 18:25:05

Raising undead minions, my favourite subject! Where to begin? Well, first things first: You need to dig for corpses...or find fresh ones. Necromancers like to divide corpses into two categories:
Lesser corpses: A lesser corpse is a dead human or any lesser creature like a troll.
Greater corpses: A greater corpse is the corpse of a large monster or a powerful magic creature.
Corpses can be manipulated in a many ways. Most necromancers have their own ways - spoiling a corpse is a delicate art, which takes a lot of practice. Even the most experienced necromancers fail sometimes, and there is always more to learn and new recipes to explore. A key element is to extract the soul from the corpse and to bring the remaining flesh and bones to life, which is done through secret, dark rituals and the depletion of sinister materials. Results may vary, but the four most common, undead minions are.
Zombies: A zombie is the easiest creature to raise. You only need a lesser corpse and a minor ritual. Zombies are mostly used as meat shields and will not grant significant fighting power to your army. A vast number of zombies is of course a different matter! Zombies are the "The Academy of Decay´s" favourite minion.
Hell knights: Hell knights are more powerful. A hell knight is basically a zombie or skeleton on a dead horse. You need a lesser corpse and either a magic scroll or a bottle of ichor to make it work. Hell knights are great warriors and will grant your entire army extra speed as you travel around. Hell knights are "The Academy of Blood´s" favourite minion.
Ghosts: Ghosts cannot be raised from a feeble human corpse. You need to extract the soul from a more powerful creature, so you need a greater corpse. Furthermore, you need a bottle of dark water. Ghosts use their eerie howls and chilling grasps to attack. They are a huge boost to your army. Ghosts are “The Academy of Mist´s” favourite minion.

Skeletal dragons: A skeletal dragon is the most powerful undead minion, yet seen. It takes a greater corpse, a bottle of ichor, a magic scroll (parts of your sanity) and extensive rituals to raise one of these magnificent, undead minions. A skeletal dragon is a creature of pure undead power. It will rip your foes apart in combat and carry you around faster than any other minion. Skeletal dragons are “The Academy of Bone´s” favourite minion… which is why their followers are often more or less insane and their bodies are dried out, wrinkled and destroyed.

Controlling an undead army is easy. Since you are the one who created it, all the creatures are bound to you, and they will obey your will. I can tell you, that there is nothing more satisfying to a necromancer, than watching your very own army of undead minions wreak havoc and destruction.

ApprenticesHaving an apprentice

Posted by necromancer Tue, March 28, 2017 16:55:31

It´s a good idea to have an apprentice, especially an ambitious one who is willing to get his hands dirty. Your apprentice will be of great assistance for many tasks. fx:
Digging up corpses, exploring dungeons... going in first.. Serving as a meat shield in combat, Gathering ingredients for your dark magic, simple sacrifice in a perilous situation etc. It is important to find the right apprentice, one whose skills fit your plan for dominion. Don´t choose a digger-type, if your goal is to fly around on a skeletal dragon and explore dungeons, then you should rather choose an eager scythe slinger, who want´s to prove his courage and fighting skills. Be sure to teach your apprentice enough to make him become usefull. If he isn´t usefull, well, send him on a mission, that you know he will not come back from. After all, there will most often be a new apprentice waiting to take his place. Rule number one is that your apprentice is always expendable.

In the WorkshopSinister ingredients

Posted by necromancer Tue, March 28, 2017 12:28:03

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The essentialsSinister ingredients

Posted by necromancer Tue, March 28, 2017 12:11:15

Ingredients is a topic that many necromancers avoid speaking of. Why? Because they don´t want to spoil their secrets. How do you create the perfect potion? How do you create the perfect undead minion? How do you craft the most powerful artifact? It´s all about ingredients. Extracting the right materials or essence from the right plant, animal, soil or corpse. It´s an art rather than a craft.
There are three essential resources you have to be able to create to become a true necromancer:
magic scrolls: To write a magic scroll, you need the finest of parchments, the breath of a dying noble, blood for ink and a pen made from a dragon bone. Saying the right words as you write the magic scroll is essential, otherwise you end up with nothing but words on a parchment.
Dark water: You need graveyard soil, corpse weed leaves and dead flesh. Temperature, stirring counter clockwise and the right amounts are essential. Always use a dark bottle.
Ichor: You need to drain a fresh corpse of all its power. The details have been censored.
It does take alot of practise to learn these things to perfection, and failure can be lethal.
More details and perhaps a video will be added later.

The essentialsBeing a necromancer

Posted by necromancer Wed, March 22, 2017 11:57:48

Many people ask me: What is it like to be a necromancer? What does it take? Well, their is no simple answer to this question. There are many ways to become a necromancer, many paths you can follow. I guess every necromancer's story is different. But there are some essential things that all necromancers must master if they want to be really powerful. I will not go into the details here, but merely sum up the essentials:

- Research and master spells
- Craft and wield magic artifacts
- Gather sinister ingredients
- Raise the dead
- Quest for dominion
- Carry out evil deeds and evil plans
- Prepare yourself for resurrection

Later I will discuss each subject in detail.

About meMy life

Posted by necromancer Tue, March 21, 2017 22:17:47

So, here I am writing about my life - the life of a necromancer. There are those who call me "The Bureaucrat ". I guess that is fine, I know how to control things from my office. I know how to manipulate people to get what I want. My task here is to spread knowledge about necromancers, their lives and their deaths. Please follow this blog to learn all there is to know about necromancers - and perhaps become one yourself!