The Life of a Necromancer

The Life of a Necromancer

The essentials

Sinister ingredientsPosted by necromancer Tue, March 28, 2017 12:11:15

Ingredients is a topic that many necromancers avoid speaking of. Why? Because they don´t want to spoil their secrets. How do you create the perfect potion? How do you create the perfect undead minion? How do you craft the most powerful artifact? It´s all about ingredients. Extracting the right materials or essence from the right plant, animal, soil or corpse. It´s an art rather than a craft.
There are three essential resources you have to be able to create to become a true necromancer:
magic scrolls: To write a magic scroll, you need the finest of parchments, the breath of a dying noble, blood for ink and a pen made from a dragon bone. Saying the right words as you write the magic scroll is essential, otherwise you end up with nothing but words on a parchment.
Dark water: You need graveyard soil, corpse weed leaves and dead flesh. Temperature, stirring counter clockwise and the right amounts are essential. Always use a dark bottle.
Ichor: You need to drain a fresh corpse of all its power. The details have been censored.
It does take alot of practise to learn these things to perfection, and failure can be lethal.
More details and perhaps a video will be added later.

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